Recent Updates

Friday July 10th 2020:

- SSL Encryption enabled with DDOS protection
- Google analytics setup.
- Embeded maps in listings using mapquest api (not google)
- Social Sharing enabled
- Categories re-vamped, focused on electronics only
- Cities and Towns added for all Restigouche region (not restricted to Bathurst), easy to add more
- Anti-Spam system setup
- Re-capcha security setup using google api
- Embeded youtube links added
- Account has "List sellers Item" section for public profile of each user.
- Enhanced tect editor installed.
- Profile picture functionality added (needs work)
- Ability to use QR codes (ad urls)
- Search Engine Optimization setup
- Account watchlist functionality added (needs work)
- Added Profile Picture of user who is selling item
- Added Profile picture to the public profile section.
- Added Watchlist button to top of sidebar for items.
- Added QR Code for sidebare on item previews (QR Code is url for item)

 Tuesday July 14th 2020:

- Installed OsclassWizards theme, brand new look to the website with mobile friendly interface unlike previous theme
- setup profile picture plugin to work with public profiles and also sidebar info when viewing an ad.
- Setup email capabilities which were lacking (300 per day max)
- Upgraded osclass install.
- Fixed several glitches related to image processing during publishing of ads.
- Enabled multicategory select (Dropdown menu for sub category)
- Added dropdown menu for region select (province) and city select during publish
- Fixed dropdown menus for country, region, cities. Publish section now gives full list of available cities.
- Added ability for users to publish ads in mutiple cities.
- re-added facebook page for mikey tech to the sidebar for items and searches (lost during switch of theme)
- Added View PDF feature to download PDF files of the ad user is looking at.
- Added Facebook Login feature. Refined Facebook login feature, removed regular registration/login options and replaced with facebook login

Wednesday July 15th 2020:

- Set public profile default layout to "gallery" for more appealing look.
- Increased ad image upload limit from 4 to 6.
- Installed internal messaging system, will be disableing default contact form soon.
- Removed contact form on ad sidebar page to encourage users to utilize the internal messaging system instead.



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